Citywide - Love Your Neighborhood

Date & Time:

Saturday, October 9, 2021
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


1 have signed up & 99 openings remain.


Due to the ongoing challenges with Pandemic protocols,* we will NOT be having a morning Rally to begin our Citywide Serve Day.  This project is for families/friends to do together!  Simply go around your neighborhood and beautify it!  Examples and additional information are listed below.  Get any tools through KRCB.  Thank you for your desire to serve your community

Love Your Neighborhood on October 9, 2021  KRCB (  (You choose the time you want to do this project)

Event details for OCTOBER 9th:

Sign up at:

1. Volunteer with Family & Friends
     • 8-10 per group

2. Take a Walk
     • Remove litter on your street, clean up storm drains, remove graffiti and tape from street poles
and utility boxes, pile palm fronds, and rake up weeds & green waste.
     • If you pile palm fronds take a photo and send with report form to KRCB.

3. Pick Up Supplies
     • KRCB provides the supplies and safety materials (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer,
trash grabbers & trash bags). Please feel free to use your own supplies. KRCB
recommends using a wagon, if you have one, to carry your supplies and trash bags.
     • Schedule an appointment to pick up supplies at the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
(3985 University Ave.). Call Stephanie at KRCB (see contact info below).

Safety Requirements:
• Family and friends (up to 10 per group).
• Masks provided, gloves required (CDC guidelines).
• Waiver form must be signed with all names and submitted to KRCB with the supply pickup.
(All family names can be on one waiver form, friends fill out a separate waiver.)

Thank you for your participation!
For any questions, contact:
Stephanie Silva
951.683.7100 ext. 204

Send any photos of your project to  and so we can share your kindness in action to your neighborhood!

* We will be keeping with the Pandemic protocols that the City of Riverside has in place at the time of our Serve Day and will notify you if there are any changes.


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