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Make a difference in your community and join the other businesses and organizations that have made a difference via sponsorships/gifts in kind/donations to further improve the City we live in and love! *

Love Riverside began with our first Serve Day on Saturday October 22, 2016. In a surprising twist of events, anticipating only 15 projects and 200 volunteers, we started the inaugural Serve Day with 30 diverse projects and more than 500 volunteers that served their communities. The momentum did not end there, October 2017 brought over 30 projects and 850 volunteers working on our Serve day that featured resident-led projects.  In October 2018, 30 projects with 500 volunteers happened across the city despite unexpected rain!

Serve Days benefit local schools, children, seniors and neighborhoods. The many projects included building toddler beds, crafts with Seniors, painting school dorms, collecting food, trash clean up and beautification projects throughout the city. 

Love Riverside inspires volunteerism and demonstrates kindness, spreads goodness and builds community in the city of Riverside.  However, we cannot achieve all we set out without the steadfast support of volunteers and donors.  We request your help with a tax-deductible donation to our 501c-3 non-profit for the projects & activities on our serve day.

We have the following Sponsorship Levels available: 


These Sponsors have their name or Logo on the back side of the Love Riverside T-shirts that are given to each volunteer. They are also mentioned on all of our Social Media/Websites.


These Sponsors are recognized on all of our Social Media/Websites as hosting the Serve Day.


These Sponsors are recognized on our Project Signs that are happening in a specific area in the city.  They are also featured on all of our Social Media/Websites.


Love Riverside is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your deduction is tax deductible and very appreciated.

For Sponsorships and Donations (501c3 - tax-deductible), please make check payable to LOVE RIVERSIDE and mail to: 

Love Riverside

PO Box 52442

RIverside CA  92517  

or go online ( to donate with a credit card.

For more info, please contact Lynn Heatley at 951-374-0807 or


* There are different ways to LOVE RIVERSIDE: a) Be a project host b) Assemble your friends/family to volunteer for a project c) Provide gifts-in-kind d) Tell others about Love Riverside Serve Day  e) Like us on our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat).  Thank you!  

Love Riverside is so grateful for our 2020 Sponsors.....




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